About Urban Escape

What is Urban Escape? It depends on who you ask.

For 6 000 people, Urban Escape will be a new workplace. For the residents of Stockholm and many others, it will be a place to meet and relax. A free zone in the city centre where a passion for work can be combined with entertainment and relaxation – any time of the day.

Our largest project ever

AMF Fastigheter is responsible for the transformation of Stockholm’s newest neighbourhood: the largest city development projects carried out in the centre of Stockholm in decades. Five buildings, four streets, two squares and a shopping centre in the middle of the city will now be filled with life thanks to offices, hotels, shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and other meeting places.

The idea for Urban Escape was born when important tenants moved out of the city centre and an opportunity arose to try something new. Instead of looking at each building individually, the point of departure became to take a broader approach. The results? An entire neighbourhood for entrepreneurs, creators and Stockholm residents. Where people can work, develop and socialise.


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Magnus Carlsson

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Facts about Urban Escape

  • 5 buildings, 2 squares, 4 streets, 1 shopping centre
  • 2 new hotels: At Six and Hobo
  • 2 500 m2 of new rooftop landscape 48 metres above sea level with the restaurant TAK
  • 1 100 m2 of residential space


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The idea behind Urban Escape

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How to find Urban Escape

In the middle of the city centre, just next to Sergels torg, you find Stockholm’s newest neighbourhood. It couldn’t be more central.