14 November, 2017

Kindred Group is moving into the newest building in the neighbourhood

Piece by piece, Urban Escape’s new building is taking shape in the intersection of Hamngatan and Regeringsgatan. One of the companies that will bring life and movement to the neighbourhood is Kindred Group. The global online betting company has great ambitions in Stockholm, where its tech activities are located.

“There is stiff competition to get skilled and motivated employees,” says Henrik Tjärnström, the CEO of Kindred Group. For this reason, I am really pleased that we are now able to present Urban Escape as our next home base in Stockholm.

Magnus Carlsson, Sales Manager at Urban Escape, is looking forward to welcoming Kindred Group to a space that is twice the size of the one they currently occupy.

“They will contribute a great innovative energy to Urban Escape. And together we will give this part of the city a real boost.”

The neighbourhood’s newest building and its exciting architecture will be the gateway to all of Urban Escape. It will be ready to move in to in the spring 2019. The first parts of Urban Escape at Brunkebergstorg were inaugurated already in the spring and summer of 2017.

Read more about Kindred Group , the group behind successful betting operations such as Unibet and many more.

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